Sleds & Kegs

Mac Dogs Sleds & Kegs originated as a simple and fun idea for a backyard get together. Neil had just lost his beloved dog and best friend, Mac. He was in a hard place as one could imagine and Trevor knew we had to act quick. Neil had mentioned the idea of a sled luge course a few weeks back and Trevor said this is the ticket. Let's build a course, buy sleds and kegs and capture the action with drones. Whether the crowds came in the masses or a small core of CB locals we knew we were destined for a good time. From 25-40 people year one to almost 250 people last year, we realize this is becoming a community event for not only our friends but people of all ages. With the success of this party and ever growing number of attendees we ensured this year would be an event to remember. With tickets sales we have also ensured that we will be donating over $2,000 to Coal Creek Watershed Coalition and Oh Be Dogful in memory of our lost solider, Mac! We are very thankful to have such a giving community, thank you to everybody that came out to celebrate! Scroll below to check out sights and scences from Saturdays action! Stay tuned for the video edit coming soon.